How to mint non-fungible tokens

Press "Mint Token" on your Dashboard

Enter the product/ NFT details

Name the NFT and describe what it means (Ticket, Product, Membership) . On the right hand side, you can enter the price and whether your product is for sale or not. You can create up to 25 NFTs at once. You can determine how many products or items you want to create by dragging the bar under "Mint this many". If you are minting a product for sale, please select the "Is for Sale" button and choose a price. Please note that the conversion is fluctuating real-time with the ETH price. If you want to create a free item, unselect the box "Is for Sale".

At the top, you can enter different data like time the NFT is valid, youtube, website or other custom data. This will not appear on your sale on Mintbase, however the so called metadata will appear on OpenSea.

(Ticket, Product, Membership)

Select "Mint" to publish the item in your shop

Confirm the gas fee on your digital wallet.

The new token pops up and the screen will leave when the transaction confirms

On the top you can see different buttons.

If you click "My Market", this is the open link you can send to your customers to sell your products.

If you click "Mint Token", you can create more tokens.

If you click " Create Store", you can create a new store.

If you click "Redeem", you can redeem vouchers/tickets and use our check in technology to allow your customers to redeem the items.

You can also embed this market in your own website (Squarespace, Wordpress, HubSpot, or custom) see our docs on this.

On the left top, you can see three lines. Click to open.

Dashboard: All the tokens you own on that wallet address from Mintbase will appear here. Builder: All the tokens you created on that one smart contract. You can transfer and mint more. Markets: All markets that are created on Mintbase Profile: Your statistics. Connect your wallet with 3box to create a profile. See how many tokens you have sold and other functions. Docs: Our step-by step guide. Rinkeby: Test network. Try out Mintbase without spending money.

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