Explore the powerful features offered by Mintbase Wallet to enhance your Web3 experience:

Managing Funds

Manage your fungible tokens with Mintbase Wallet. Easily transfer tokens between accounts and access a diverse range of tokens, including popular ones like Neko, Paras, Dragonisnear, LONK, $USDT*, $USDC*.

*fee-free transfers for $USDT and $USDC transactions, providing cost savings for users.

Managing Access Keys

Control over your account's security and privacy with an intuitive access key management feature. Easily review and manage connected applications, granting or revoking access as needed.

NFT Portfolio

Visualize your NFT portfolio with Mintbase Wallet's clean interface. Easily share your portfolio with others, showcasing your digital assets in a user-friendly manner.

Create Token Drops

Empower yourself to create token drops effortlessly with Mintbase Wallet. Utilize the Token Drop Creator to define images and additional settings, allowing your users to claim tokens seamlessly.

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