Split Revenues & Forever Royalties

Sharing royalty and revenue payments among many wallets


One of Mintbase's most powerful features is that you can split the revenue and royalties with up to 25 people, on one NFT.

You can also further customize revenue splits by adding additional NEAR accounts to every NFT minted in your store by default.

The video below talks about the royalty and revenue percentage split and how you can customize them on Mintbase.io πŸ‘‡

Forever Royalties

This is the right feature for collaborative projects, where you can create a business model where all the participants of this project will get their part every time the asset gets sold and resold through the whole life of the token.

You can share forever royalties up to 50% of the total value of the NFT with up to 25 wallets, simply add "name.near" and the % percentage. These royalties will be received by the wallets added each time the NFT gets resold, forever.

Split Revenues

You also have the one-time revenue you receive when you first sell the NFT. The percentage of Revenue available represents the leftover percentage of Royalties you use plus the 2.5% of regular market fee. You can also choose to split the revenue among 25 accounts.

Default Split Royalties and Default Split Revenue

If you're always sharing revenue with the same wallets or have an ongoing collaboration, want to take a cut of what minters that have been added to your contract are making, or even give a % to charity, for example, you can add wallets every royalty and revenue split in the store by default.

Simply go to "Create" - "Settings" and follow the same principles on "Default Royalties " and "Default Split Revenue" plus how much of the % should go to it.

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