DAOs & the Mintbase Toolkit

Fast overview of what DAOs can do on Mintbase & how.
Everything you do on Mintbase, you can also do via a DAO on AstroDAO:
  • Create a store (=deploy a smart contract)
  • [batch] add / remove minters
  • [batch] mint NFTs
  • [batch] transfer NFTs
  • [batch] list NFTs for simple sale
  • [batch] list NFTs for auction
  • [batch] burn NFTs
This can be done via custom function calls that will trigger the action once the last vote is approved.
How to create a custom function call on AstroDAO?
When you go to and select any DAO — we will use the MintbaseDAO as an example here - click on the green plus sign. There, click Proposal.
This will open another window with Propose a Transfer as the default setting. Click on Propose a Transfer and search for Function Call.
To do anything via your DAO - you need to add your DAO as a minter to an existing store - or create the store via the DAO.
Doing things via the DAO will pull funds from the DAO instead of the individual user. It is a decentralised, transparent way of managing digital assets for DAOs.
If you want to know more, we published an article about this with the nitty gritty details of each action: check it out here.