Creating NFTs

Let's mint NFTs with no code on Mintbase!

FAQ about Selling NFTs on Mintbase

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What is a Mintbase contract?

A Mintbase Contract is a smart contract that allows you to mint various types of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on it. You're the owner of the contract and Mintbase can't access it.

How can I customize my contract?

There is a lot you can customize without code: you can change the name of your contract, add social media and website links, and upload a logo and a header image. You can also add minters who are allowed to mint NFTs on your contract. Furthermore, you can set default royalties for every mint on your contract, and even transfer the ownership of the contract to another NEAR account. There's also an "About" tab where you can provide detailed information about your contract or project. Using code the possiblities are endless. Check out our developer section for more info on this.

What are Royalties?

You can set up royalties to automatically share revenue with wallets. These wallets will then receive their specified share of the revenue each time the NFT is sold.

What are Split Revenues?

Split Revenue are shares that clear after each sale.