How to sell

You can sell the NFT from anywhere on the system
Selling an NFT means making it available for simple sale or auction.

1. Meta Page

If you are on a token page and you own one type of that token, you will see buttons on the top right.
Click Sell

2. Owned NFTs

If you're looking for NFTs you own but haven't minted yourself.
On the homepage there is a row for your Owned NFTs.
Find the NFT you want to sell and click the Sell button to prompt the selling modal.
You can also click the More Options (...) button to Transfer, Multiply or Burn the NFT.

3. NFTs from specific contracts

On any contract page, the Sell and More Options button will be visible on NFTs that you own.

After clicking Sell

Storage Deposits

When you list a token for sale on Mintbase, you will be asked to deposit 0.01N per token in the market contract. This deposit is required by NEAR protocol and is not a Mintbase fee. The deposit will be refunded to you when a token is sold, or the listing is removed.
For more details regarding storage deposits on NEAR read this section or our FAQ