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Getting Started

Quick Start

Mintbase Developer Suite

Mintbase simplifies the journey into Web3 development by providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to lower technical barriers. The links below will introduce you to each of them providing links to more detailed documentation going into how to get started.

Data Fetching

Effortlessly fetch blockchain data using our Indexer through our GraphQL Indexer​


Use simple helper methods to get data in the least amount of code possible using javascript.

Smart Contract Interaction


This SDK simplifies making contract calls like deploying contracts, mintining nfts, doing transfers and many other transactions, making it easier for developers to focus on building their applications.

Smart Contracts

  • NEP171 NFT Contract: Our store contracts adhere to the NEP171 standard, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • Market Contract with USDC Listings: Easily create and manage listings using our market contract.
  • Factory Contract: Deploy your own stores using our factory contract, benefiting from the scalability and flexibility Mintbase provides.
View our main repository to access our contracts and their audits, ensuring the security and reliability of your dApp.

Helper Libraries

  • ​MintbaseJS Storage: Upload your assets to Arweave effortlessly with @mintbase-js/storage, ensuring permanence and availability.
  • ​MintbaseJS React: Integrate wallet connections into your React app seamlessly with @mintbase-js/react, enhancing user experience.
  • ​MintbaseJS Auth: Manage accounts and key pairs effortlessly with our authentication library, simplifying account management and security.
  • ​MintbaseJS Rpc: Wrapper around common RPC calls used to fetch on-chain data to supplement, or in some cases substitute data provided by the indexer
Visit the documentation for each of the modules to find usage examples as well as descriptions of the available methods.

Join Us and Build the Future

Have feedback or perhaps need a hand? Reach out on our Telegram public developer support channel where we are happy to help!
Building something cool? Consider applying for a grant.

Open Source

Most of our repositories are open source with either the MIT License or the GPL-3.0 License.
Mintbase is a tool in the public domain, as such anyone can view and contribute to every aspect of the protocol.