Deploy a Contract

How to deploy a new contract on Mintbase

In the navbar, go to Create and My Contracts

Click on New Contract

A modal will show up, with 2 fields you need to fill:

Contract Name

The name of your contract(must be unique and no spaces). You can't change this later.

This is the name of your contract, all transactions on it can be seen on Nearblocks.


Create a symbol (Pretend you are listing your store on the NYSE and needed a ticker (4 letter symbol) to identify it.

After filling out both fields, click on Deploy Contract. You will be redirected to your NEAR wallet, where you need to accept the transaction of 3.7 NEAR.

Why 3.7 NEAR?

It costs 3.7 NEAR to deploy a store, this goes to the NEAR blockchain and not Mintbase. These are storage costs as you are paying to reserve space on the chain. You can see 602929 Bytes are used.

And if you click the Balance Profile you'll see there is 0.5 N left. Each time you mint, you take up more memory and this number will shrink. If your "Available" balance becomes too low, just send more NEAR to your contract address (soul4space.mintbase1.near in the example above) and you'll be good to go.

Remember you can always test for free on Testnet

Nice, you deployed your contract!

You're now the owner of a smart contract on the NEAR blockchain.

Time to start customizing your contract and adding minters.

Or you can go directly mint your first NFT on your new contract πŸš€

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