Burning NFTs

To burn an NFT, is to erase it

This has multiple use cases, like redeeming tickets for a concert. When entering the concert you would burn your ticket.

Important: once you burn your token it will be destroyed and you will have no way to recover it.

Find the NFT you want and click Burn

You can also do this directly from the Thing Page (top right):

A modal will pop up in the same page. Here you can input the amount of tokens you want to burn.

After filling out the burn amount, click Continue to be redirected to your wallet to approve the transaction.

QR Code Builder

You can also create and download a QR code to burn your NFT directly from this page. This makes it easier to set up IRL redeeming systems - think tickets, members’ access, or physical objects.

How does it work?

Download QR Code

When you click on Download QR Code you will download a QR Code that when scanned, will prompt the person to burn this NFT. This will only be possible if she owns a token of this NFT.

Copy Deeplink

Same principle as above, but instead of getting a QR Code you get a link.

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