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What is interoperability and why is it amazing

What is interoperability

Web2 infrastructure is centralized and all your data, connections and general internet services are managed by a few big tech companies.
Web3 is based around blockchain technology and works in a more decentralized and public manner, where we try to always achieve interoperability.
Interoperability is the highway connecting all the different platforms on the Web3 universe.
Everything you do on Mintbase is on the NEAR blockchain using NEP-171 token standard.
So if any other platform on NEAR uses the same standard you can use and perform actions with your tokens there, and vice versa.

Mintbase Contracts and External Contracts

Every contract deployed on Mintbase is it's own dapp. This means you can even find it on DappRadar. Other marketplaces work in different ways, and your usually minting on a contract that is not your own.

Mintbase Tokens and External Tokens

Similarly, the actions you can perform on Mintbase vary depending if it's and Mintbase or external token.

Payouts vs Royalties & Splits

External tokens don't have Royalties & Splits like Mintbase tokens.
Instead they have a single Payout option, which works just like Royalties.
The wallets listed there will receive these percentages whenever the token get sold, forever.

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