Store management

Managing minters

// change methods
function batch_change_minters(grant: Array<string>, revoke: Array<string>);

// view methods
function check_is_minter(account_id: string): boolean;
function list_minters(): Array<string>;

While batch_change_minters allows you to grant and/or revoke minting rights of multiple accounts at the same time (requiring the usual yoctoNEAR authentication), check_is_minter allows you to check if a specific NEAR account is a minter on the NFT contract, while list_minters returns a list of currently allowed minters. The owner of a store cannot be revoked from minting.

Transferring ownership of your store

function transfer_store_ownership(new_owner: string, keep_old_minters: boolean);

If you decide you want to get rid of your NFT contract, e.g. to benefit a friend or to transfer it to a DAO, use transfer_store_ownership. The new owner will be added to the minters, and minter retention may be toggled with keep_old_minters.

To prevent fraud and people losing NFTs they purchased, the deletion of a store is not possible!

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