Frequently Asked Questions on Mintbase

What is Mintbase?

Way more than an NFT marketplace, we enable developers & creators to build products using us as an engine. People can create their stores to sell music, art, tickets, memberships and much more. In a nutshell, anything can be tokenized. Whatever it may be, we're building the perfect toolkit for it and for others to build off from.

I am a builder. Can I use Mintbase’s infrastructure to spin off my own marketplace/ dapp?

You can guess the answer to this one: YES! That’s what we’re here for. Head over to our developer tools and join our developer community to get started.

Who can apply to Mintbase's Grants Program?

Anyone is welcome to apply for a grant. The projects funded through our program are broad in scope, but our focus lies on strong technical projects that add value to the ecosystem. Go to our Github to check full requirements and submit applications.

What chain is Mintbase built on?

We initially built on Ethereum but decided to stop and rebuild on NEAR Protocol: a sharded, proof-of-stake, scalable, green, WASM blockchain. Our ETH fork is still up, but we’re no longer updating it.

What wallet do I need to connect to Mintbase?

You must have a NEAR wallet to log in to Mintbase. If you don't have one yet, go to

What is NEAR? How do I get it?

NEAR protocol is a developer-friendly, proof-of-stake, scalable blockchain. NEAR is its native token. It is used for incentivizing nodes on the NEAR network and to power transactions and smart contracts.
After creating your NEAR wallet, you can load it up by transferring NEAR from an existing wallet, an exchange trading NEAR or fund it with fiat directly, using one of the methods listed in the NEAR wallet.

How much are gas fees on NEAR?

Transactions like minting and listing average around $0.01-$0.9. Read more on gas fees on NEAR Protocol here.

Do I need to deploy a store to mint?

To mint on Mintbase, you'll either need to deploy a store (=your own smart contract) or be added as a minter in someone else's store.

How to be added to a store?

Join our community in Telegram or Discord and find fellow builders to mint with. Or propose being added as a minter to a DAO's contract. See how here.

Why do I need to pay 6.5N to deploy a store?

The 6.5N covers storage costs as you are paying to reserve space on the chain. This goes to the NEAR blockchain and not Mintbase.
The initial 6.5N storage allows about 800 tokens to be minted. To add more storage to your contract, simply send NEAR to your store contract address (yourstorename.mintbase1.near). 1 NEAR equals around 400 tokens.
Top stores feature the stores with the highest transaction volume so far that month. The counter starts fresh on the 1st of every month.

How can I export my NFT sales for taxes?

You are responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to the selling and purchasing of NFTs. If you are unsure about whether you must pay taxes, please contact a professional tax advisor.

I'm experiencing a weird bug on the site / getting an error message / etc

Make sure you’re using the right wallet to connect to Mintbase. Clear cache & cookies in the browser you’re using. Google Chrome usually works best. If none of this helps, get in touch with us.

How can I contact Mintbase?

Reach out to us on Telegram, Discord or via email at [email protected]