npm install @mintbase-js/rpc

Interacting with the NEAR RPC

This module provides a wrapper around common RPC calls used to fetch on-chain data to supplement, or in some cases substitute data provided by the indexer (data module).

Available Modules & Methods

type Network: 'testnet' | 'mainnet'

getBalance(account: string, network?: Network): BN

Fetches the balance of a NEAR account (in yocto) by address.

getBlockHeight(network?: Network): number

Returns the current block height for the configured network.

getTxnStatus(txnHash: string, senderId: string,network?: Network): TxnStatus

For a transaction hash, determine the status of a transaction on the configured network: pending, success, or failure

payouts({ contractId, tokenId, network }): Promise<UiPayout>

Calls a token contract in order to determine the percentage amounts paid out to royalty accounts.

getAccessKeys(accountId: string, network?: Network): Promise<AccessKey>

Gets all access keys (public key and permissions object) for a given account.


Before calling these methods the near network should be configured using the config SDK method


We will be adding more contract view methods here as needs arise.