Build Ideas

Not sure what to build? Start here!


  • Integrate Mintbase NFTs with other web2 platforms like canva, figma, shopify
  • Integrate Mintbase NFTs with existing NEAR dapps like astro or roketo, or your own


  • Social (e.g. minsta, mint your photo and the last photographer becomes the owner of the new mints)
  • Unlockables / Gated Content (e.g. a stock app where only license holders can download assets)
  • Create your own minter, market, or redeeming systems that do something unique
  • Utilize the NEARCON tickets within your app
  • News (utilize permanent web storage for podcasts, video, and news feeds)
  • Voting or polling app open to or weighted based on NFT holdings
  • Market that only pulls in select stores, gateway for niche markets, example: Only Mintbase stores that are in the Berlin nightclub scene.
  • Build your own auction site
  • Build a music streaming app, only import NFTs with the metata/animation_type = “audio/mpeg”
  • Build a 3d gaming asset app, only import NFTs with the metata/animation_type = “model/gltf-binary”
  • Enable private sales. Let's say you want to sell a ticket with a discounted price to a friend.


  • Trigger mintbase js calls from iOT device, maybe bring your DJI drone in?
  • Zero knowledge research and implementation
  • Identity solutions, not soulbound tokens, we love the transfer function, but validating initial issuance through provenance and KYC leveling for accounts would be fun to dive into.
  • Up to you, go nuts…


We need zero knowledge for NFTs on NEAR. Eventually even perceptions should be NFTs where the redeemer should not have to expose their identity to claim.