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Getting Started

You can sell the NFT from anywhere on the system


Only use an account with a low balance and always check the amount of funds each transaction generates. This is an experimental application and is widely untested. Also, make sure to check the details of the trade before submitting.
Anything you can do on mintbase, you can do on our prompts. Right now, the open site is using ChatGPT 3.5 with a closed beta on 4, which is significantly better. We are looking to see how we can create a pricing model that will offset the 10x costs.


Uses Stable Diffusion prompts to generate images


Generate and Mint

Make sure you are a minter on your chosen contract and change "chatgpt.mintbase1.near " to your contract and owner.
Generate an image of a cyberpunk dystopian desert with photorealism and then mint 3 copies on my contract chatgpt.mintbase1.near with the owner of each token to be nate.near

Deploy a Contract

Deploy a store called runboyrun set the owner as nate.near using mainnet

Get Token data

Get the last 6 tokens minted on nearcon.mintbase1.near and show me the owners

Buy an NFT

Buy a token listed for less than 1 NEAR on the contract nearconminsta.mintbase1.near
Buy the lastest token listed for less than 0.02 NEAR