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For the most reliable data, reference our existing graphql docs.

Returns NFTss by contractAddress and internMetadataId (as used on the smart contract). The isActive toggle filters for active (currently used) or inactive (unused) metadata.

dynamicNftMetadata( {contractAddress: string, internalMetadataId: number, isActive: boolean, network?: "testnet" | "mainnet"})

Example usage:

import { dynamicNftMetadata } from  '@mintbase-js/data'

const props = {
  contractAddress: 'dynamic.mintbase2.near',
  internalMetadataId: 0,
  isActive: true,
  network: "mainnet",

const { data, error } = await dynamicNftMetadata(props);

if (error) {console.log('error', error)}

console.log(data) // => shows the currently active metadata for this internal ID

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