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Contract Page

The front page of your contract
Your store page is the front page of your smart contract. It's the first thing people will see when they visit your contract from anywhere on the marketplace.
You can see different types of information in the contract's profile. Let's start at the top. First, there's the Profile Image and Header Image (add these via Customizing your Contract).
You can also see your social media links & the general stats for that contract such as number of NFT's minted, total owners or total transaction volume.
All NFTs that have been minted on the store will be shown. Users can then decide if they want to show only the ones that are currently listed.
Toggle between NFTs and Minters to see all users that have been added to the smart contract, and who owns it.


On the store page you can play around with the filters to find specific NFTs of different rarities.
On the top right of the tab bar you can change how the displayed NFTs are sorted.