Creating a Smart Contract (Shop)

Deploying your own smart contract where all of your NFTs' will live

Quick notes:

  • The account of the creator of the smart contract will receive all funds of any NFTs sold on Mintbase (minus Mintbase fee)

  • You can deploy and manage as many smart contracts as you want

Watch the video here or read the instructions below.

1. Go to Mintbase.

2. Click "Login/Signup", "Create Store" or "Get Started"

3. Connect your digital wallet of your choice.

For demonstration purposes, we login with MetaMask.

4. This is your interface. In order to create your first smart contract, click "Create Store"

5. Give the Store a name.

You can have several stores, name it however you want. This is for your internal use and you can create as many stores as you want.

The token/ticker symbol consists of 3 letters and you can name it as you want. This is relevant for when you search your tokens on secondary exchanges like OpenSea. Please note that tokens you mint, automatically get listed on OpenSea behind the scenes.

Confirm by clicking "Create Contract"

6. Confirm the gas fee. It is a price the Ethereum blockchain takes for the transaction.

The amount will be deducted from your wallet. If you don't have any ETH which you need for the transaction, you can buy it on exchanges like Coinbase. Once you bought ETH, send it to your wallet to confirm the transaction. On MetaMask, you can find your address just below " Main Ethereum Network".

When you confirm the gas fee and you use MetaMask, it may look like this.

7. Just wait for the store to get created. No need to do anything.

Once the blockchain confirms, you will be redirected to your interface.

8. Select "Mint Token" to publish new products/items in your store. You can also handle different campaigns by creating different stores.

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