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A comparison on NEP-171 and ERC-721

NEP-171 Token Standard

This is the non-fungible token standard on NEAR. It was carefully designed with input from several experienced developers and creators, and includes native support for royalty payments.


In the three years since ERC-721 was ratified by the Ethereum community, Non-Fungible Tokens have proven themselves as an incredible new opportunity across a wide array of disciplines: collectibles, art, gaming, finance, virtual reality, real estate, and more.

This standard builds off the lessons learned in this early experimentation, and pushes the possibilities further by harnessing unique attributes of the NEAR blockchain:

  • an asynchronous, sharded runtime, meaning that two contracts can be executed at the same time in different shards

  • a storage staking model that separates gas fees from the storage demands of the network, enabling greater on-chain storage (see Metadata extension) and ultra-low transaction fees

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The NEP-171 is about the equivalent of the ERC721. It's just a guideline to enabling other platforms to interoperate with assets, giving them confidence the nft_transfer and ownerhip verification.

Anytime you see the nft_ in front of a function, this is help indexer identify what's going on. In Ethereum land, every contract indexes on its own chaos.


We took it a step further and added a payouts system which gives marketplaces less excuses by giving the, easy access to royalty expectations.

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