Connecting your Wallet

If your wallet is not connected, you'll see a Connect Wallet button in the top right corner of any page on Mintbase.

The green dot next to it, means that you will be connecting your wallet to Mainnet.

Mainnet VS Testnet

You can use Mintbase on Mainnet or Testnet.

Mainnet is the live, production network where transactions are processed using real funds.

Testnet, on the other hand, is a simulated network for testing purposes. This means that on Testnet, users are free to test the same features without using real money.

Connecting your wallet

After clicking Connect Wallet, a modal will pop up where you can choose any of these crypto wallets.

The connecting flow may vary a bit depending on the wallet provider.

Regardless of the wallet used, you'll need to authorize the connection to Mintbase with limited access: Mintbase never has direct access to your funds.

A screen will appear informing you that up to 0.25 NEAR in Network Fee Allowances can be used by Mintbase. This amount will never be used without your knowledge.

When connecting a crypto wallet, always double check the URL to ensure you're on the right domain

Nice, you're connected!

Now you can customize your profile by adding a bio, profile photo, header photo and more.

If you already own NFTs they're automatically indexed on Mintbase and you can interact with them on our system.

If you're looking for some new NFTS, the core of Mintbase is the browsing and explore section.

We hope you enjoy you're time creating NFTs on Mintbase.

Signing Out

Click on the user image on the top right to open the menu and select Sign Out.

This will sign you out from Mintbase, but your wallet of choice will still be connected on the browser/app. This will not sign you out from your wallet.

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