Something breaking?

We are constantly pushing new code and your browser is constantly trying to optimize your experience by "caching" your data. This means they store older bits of code on your machine. If something seems off try this:

Try this...

  1. Logging Out

  2. Clearing your cache/browser data for up to 24 hours

  3. Refresh page

  4. Login and try again

How to Clear your Browser Data?

Still Didn't' work?

Join our discord and chat with us on the support channel:

Dealing with Blockchain

Blockchains are really hard to work with so remember, we are dealing with a new technology and leveraging many other companies that are also dealing with the same new technology issues. Imagine it like we are bushwhacking to a new land and you are one of the pioneers, the rail will be set in a few years, but for now, welcome to the wld west!

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