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Browsing Mintbase

Exploring is one of the main features of Mintbase, here you can have a nice overview of everything that is happening in the NEAR NFT space.

Browsing Categories

On the homepage, the first thing you see are Categories tabs and Featured Stores.
On any featured store, you can see the 3 latest listings.
Click any Category (like Art) to see featured stores of the specific category and all the NFTs trending there.
You can also select Explore on the navbar, and select any category.

Top Collections

On the homepage you can find the top collections that are currently trending on Mintbase.


Use the activity table to keep an eye on the latest transactions happening all across NEAR (not only Mintbase).
You can follow all the main events like Sales, Transfers, Mints, Burns and more.
Clicking the "open in new tab" icon next to the date will open the specific transaction on Nearblocks in a new tab.
To access from any page, go to Stats in the navbar and click on Activity
Additionaly, on the homepage you have a preview of the Activity table
On any page in Mintbase type on the search field on the top navbar to search for specific NFTs, Stores or Users.