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Integrating Mintbase Wallet

Integrating Mintbase Wallet into your applications is straightforward. Follow the steps below to get started:
This is the Mintbase Wallet package for NEAR Wallet Selector.
The easiest way to use this package is to install it from the NPM registry, this package requires near-api-js v1.0.0 or above:
# Using Yarn
yarn add near-api-js
# Using NPM.
npm install near-api-js
# Using Yarn
yarn add @near-wallet-selector/mintbase-wallet
# Using NPM.
npm install @near-wallet-selector/mintbase-wallet
Then use it in your dApp:
import { setupWalletSelector } from "@near-wallet-selector/core";
import { setupMintbaseWallet } from "@near-wallet-selector/mintbase-wallet";
const mintbaseWallet = setupMintbaseWallet({
networkId: 'mainnet',
walletUrl: '',
callbackUrl: '',
deprecated: false,
const selector = await setupWalletSelector({
network: "testnet",
modules: [mintbaseWallet],


  • networkId: (string?): 'mainnet' or 'testnet' . Defaults to mainnet.
  • deprecated: (boolean?): Deprecated is optional. Default is false.
  • callbackUrl: (string?): Valid url to send your user after txn.
  • walletUrl: (string?): wallet url: for mainnet and for testnet.


This repository is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).