Customizing your profile

Changing your user settings

To update your Mintbase profile, you will first need to be connected to your wallet of choice.

Click on the user image on the top right to open the menu and select User Settings.

Basic Information


Used for event notifications, like sales or auction bids. It's not displayed on your profile.

When filled, they will display on your Public Profile as buttons. You can fill your Website/Community URL, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Github.

Profile Image

Displayed on your Public Profile, and across Mintbase, when users search for your, or on NFTs that you own/mint. The accepted upload formats are .png / .jpeg / .gif / .svg+xml. The ideal dimension is 500x500px (1:1) and the max accepted size is 500mb.

Header Image

Make your Public Profile shine with a nice header image. The accepted upload formats are .png / .jpeg / .gif / .svg+xml. The ideal dimension is 1500x500px (3:1) and the max accepted size is 500mb.

Important: Up to 2/3 of the header image may be cropped out on desktop screens, depending on how wide they are. Consider a safezone of the center 1/3 of the image.


Select the events for which you want to receive e-mail notifications for. You need to fill out your e-mail on the Basic Information for this to work.

Default Color Theme

Choose the default theme for your account.


You can add different accounts on Mintbase. Soon you will be able to easily switch between them or erase them.

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