Store Settings

Customize your smart contract settings
Click on the user image on the top right to open the dropdown menu and select Store Settings.
If you don't own a store, you will not have the "Store Settings" option in the menu.
If you have multiple stores, you can easily switch between the settings of each one:

Basic Information


Customize the name of your store, and how it appears around Mintbase.
When filled, they will display on your Store as buttons.

Profile Image

Displayed on your Store and across Mintbase. The accepted upload formats are .png / .jpeg / .gif / .svg+xml. The ideal dimension is 500x500px (1:1) and the max accepted size is 500mb.

Header Image

Make your Store shine with a nice header image. The accepted upload formats are .png / .jpeg / .gif / .svg+xml. The ideal dimension is 1500x500px (3:1) and the max accepted size is 500mb.
Important: Up to 2/3 of the header image may be cropped out on desktop screens, depending on how wide they are. Consider a safezone of the center 1/3 of the image.
Safezone for header images


Add minters to let people mint NFTs on your smart contract. Everyone you add here is able to mint and the NFTs will appear on your store. They are not able to customize the store settings.
You can add an infinite amount of minters, the more minters you add the more storage you use. Read about Data Storage.

Default Royalties

You can set default royalties for every mint on your store. This is interesting for when you have multiple minters minting on your store. When you set Default Royalties, every time they mint, the royalties will be set on the NFT, and they can't edit them.
While minting, it is possible to add more royalties besides the default one (except if you set Default Royalties of 50%, which is the max. amount).

Default Split Revenues

Same as described above, but for Split Revenues.

Transfer Store Ownership

Transfer your store to another NEAR account.
This is a permanent action that will remove your ownership of the store - you won't be able to mint, customize or do anything with it.
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